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Vlad Micu

Data Realms

Business Development Manager

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Vlad is a business development professional in the game industry with a strong reputation for creating long-term relationships and generating new sources of revenue that lead to significant returns. Experienced evangelist with a strong network who is equally able to take the lead as well as be part of a team. Established track record of being able to easily adapt to new challenges, people and environments in order to deliver success. 

With his own company VGVisionary, Vlad likes to travel the world to speak at events, meet with game developers and offer advice, contacts and support to whoever needs them. 

You can watch his previous talks and lectures at

Data Realms

Data Realms is a completely distributed team spread over nine countries and founded by Dan Tabar. A large part of the current team was recruited straight out of the modding and fan community of Cortex Command, after having stood out as exceptionally talented creators in their own right.

Data Realms’ newest title is Planetoid Pioneers (, a 2D physics-based action adventure driven by User Generated Content and inspired by the classic action/exploration games Blaster Master (1988) and Exile (1988).


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