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Victor Perez has started his career at Amstrad France, as a product manager in charge of the CPC6128, a huge success in France with 160 000 machines sold. Then, Victor took the responsibility of the marketing and communications worldwide of Delphine Software and Adeline Software, launching famous games such as Another World, Flashback, Moto Racer, Little Big Adventure. Then, thanks to the experience acquired at Amstrad and Delphine, Victor has set up his own PR agency: VPCOM. VPCOM is now the leading agency fr digital entertainment in France.


Founded in 1996, VPCOM is a communication and events consulting agency that helps its customers achieve their projects and reach their goals. Led by Victor Perez, VPCOM has built a very strong expertise in 3 domains: Press and public relations Community management and Social Media Custom-made events VPCOM can manage your projects in France but also internationally as part of a very strong worldwide agencies network. VPCOM is the leading agency for digital entertainment in France. The agency benefits from a tremendous reputation in the video game industry helping many blockbusters in their very successful launch campaigns: The GTA series (Rockstar Games) Candy Crush Saga (King) The Sims (EA) World of Warcraft (Blizzard) The Metal Gear Solid series (Konami) The Call of Duty series (Activision) Skylanders (Activision) Battlefield (EA) Our specialisations Press Relations, Public Relations, Social Media, Community Management, Events, Partnerships

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