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Uwe Mathon

Ubisoft Blue Byte


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Uwe Mathon is an 18 year veteran of the game industry with extensive experience in producing and managing AAA video games for PC, console and mobile platforms. Uwe has been involved in the design, development or management of more than 10 AAA games which have sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. He is currently working as a Producer at Ubisoft on an international multi-site next gen multi-platform AAA game development.

Ubisoft Blue Byte

Blue Byte is a leading developer of AAA PC, consoles, browser and mobile games in Germany. In 2013, Blue Byte celebrated its 25th anniversary with the acquisition of its longstanding 3rd party partner studio Related Design in Mainz. Founded in 1995 the former Related Designs team is fully embedded into the Blue Byte studio structure. Blue Byte is now one of the key players in the field of high quality game production in Germany with offices in Düsseldorf and Mainz.

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