Tom Ammermann

New Audio Technology

General Manager

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Tom starts playing guitar in the late 70th and worked as a professional musician and composer in different bands and music projects. 1990 he founded the MO‘VISION music production and worked as live sound engineer and music producer. 1995 Tom was the co-founder of the LUNA STUDIO HAMBURG where he worked for film, music and commercial projects. 2000 he developed and founded the &;headphone-surround&; brand and procedure and provided it for film and music products. Up to today he master and mix for surround as well as 3D audio applications on DVDs, Blu-rays as well as for events. 2008 Tom did his first 3D audio production forsenses 1 & 2 for Sony Music Germany. A lot of 3D music live and studio productions followed. He worked on content of David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, SAGA, Thomas Blug, Tramps, Risen2, Caracho and Right said Fred. 2009 The development of the HEADPHONE SURROUND 3D brand and 3D audio production tools Spatial Audio Designer as well as Spatial Sound Card begun. 2011 Red Tails, the first 3D audio movie ever from Lucas film was mixed by skywalker in the Galaxy studios using the Spatial Audio Designer. Some of Tom’s references are: Terminator 2, Stargate Highlander, The Doors, Fight Club, Mr. Mrs. Smith, Transporter 2, Million Dollar Baby, Gangs of New York, Expendables 1-3 and I, Frankenstein. Some Awards 2010 1. Place IKT-Innovation (business plan award) 2011 Gold for &;forsenses 1&; 2012 1. Place VDT &;Goldener Bobby&; Surround Mixing, Rock 2014 AES Fellow Award

New Audio Technology

New Audio Technology GmbH (NAT) develops and distributes high performance audio products for industrial, professional and end user applications. These products make it possible to enjoy a 3-Dimensional experience when creating, editing and monitoring audio content e.g. for film, music and game applications with any kind of multi-channel speaker setup (e.g. Surround, 3D) as well as with standard headphones. End users can experience mobile entertainment in a completely new and exciting way. The user does not have to worry about special equipment or format specifications; just a Smartphone is all that is needed to enjoy a Cinema film with this new 3D audio experience. NAT offers a very attractive package to customers in this market segment in terms of minimal requirements, affordability, battery use and technical simplicity.

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