Timm Schwank

Deck13 Interactive GmbH

Head of Art

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Short CV

Timm has been Head of Art at Deck13 Interactive since 2004. He has been passionately guiding art at Deck13 in order to create successful and acclaimed IP&;s such as &;Ankh&;, &;Jack Keane&;, &;Venetica&; and &;Lords of the Fallen&;. In the last few years, he has helped to establish effective workflows for the development of large game productions for consoles such as XOne, PS4 and for PC and mobile devices. Besides heading art, Timm has worked as Project Lead and Game Director for several Deck13 titles. Eg: &;Black Sails&;, &;Moorhuhn Tiger and Chicken&;.

Deck13 Interactive GmbH

With more than ten years of experience, Frankfurt and Hamburg-based Deck13 is one of Germany&;s leading and most renowned games developers. Their games received several awards, including "Best German Game of the year" for "Ankh", "Best adventure game of the year" for "Jack Keane" or “Best action game of the year” for “Venetica”. With 40+ team members and Offices in Frankfurt and Hamburg, DECK13 especially focus on AAA action, rpg and adventure games for next gen consoles, mobile platforms and PC.

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