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Thomas Bedenk

Exozet Berlin GmbH

VR Consultant

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Short CV

Thomas Bedenk is Freelance Creative Director / Consultant and Virtual Reality Consultant at Exozet Berlin GmbH. From 2009 until 2015 he was Creative Director, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Brightside Games. He studied Media Design in Nuremberg and Human Factors in Berlin. He is teaching various game related subjects at game schools and universities. Before focusing on the games industry he was freelance interactive designer and developer for about 10 years and worked on special effects in the movie industry for a while. He started his love for games playing Pac-Man against his twin brother on the Atari 800XL and developed his first own games 1996. 

Exozet Berlin GmbH

Thomas Bedenk is Freelance Consultant, Creative Director and Designer.

Creative Direction, Virtual Reality, Cognitive Psychology, Game Design, Strategy, User Experience Design, Production, Public Speaking, Game Development, IP Development, Business Development, Digital Distribution, University Lecturer, Research, Broad Network related to Games Industry

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