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Sven Erik Knop

Perforce Software UK Ltd

Principal Solutions Engineer

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Short CV

Sven Erik Knop is the Principal Solutions Engineer at Perforce Software, designing, implementing and maintaining high-performance version management solutions for large customers in industries like gaming, chip design and automotive. He joined Perforce in 2007 as a Senior Consultant with a strong background in software development and large scale databases. Besides deploying and optimising hundreds of Perforce installations, he has presented at many conferences and and is a regular contributor to blogs and industry publications on versioning and best practices for development and deployment. Sven Erik holds a physics degree from the University of Essen, Germany.

Perforce Software UK Ltd

Perforce helps development teams build complex products collaboratively, securely, and efficiently. Perforce is a privately held US company with its headquarters in Minneapolis, MN and offices in California and Ohio in the US, Wokingham in the UK, Munich in Germany and Sydney in Australia with around 250 employees. Perforce flagship product Helix is a version control management tool with the unique ability to store both source code and digital assets in a distributed Single Source of Truth. Helix enables its customers around the world to work on large scale projects with hundreds and sometimes thousands of contributors, millions of files and Terabyte of data. Because of these capabilities, Perforce Helix is the industry standard tool for games development used by industry giants such as EA, Ubisoft, Activision, Square Enix and Take-Two Interactive as well as hundreds of small and medium size game studios.

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