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Sjoerd de Jong

Epic Games


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As Evangelist for Epic Games, Sjoerd travels around Europe to promote Unreal Engine 4. With 16 years of experience in the Unreal Engine, Sjoerd is an expert at a wide range of Unreal Engine topics. Throughout his career he has worked on everything ranging from AAA game development to running his own indie studio to education.

Epic Games

Established in 1991, Epic Games, Inc. develops cutting-edge games and cross-platform game engine technology. The company is responsible for the bestselling Unreal series of games, the billion-dollar blockbuster Gears of War franchise, the groundbreaking Infinity Blade line of mobile games, and it's current games Paragon and Fortnite. Epic´s award-winning Unreal Engine technology has won dozens of awards and is available for licensing. Epic has studios located in North Carolina, Washington, Utah, UK, China, Korea and Japan. For more information, visit

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