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Sebastiao Neto

Overpower Studios


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Short CV

Sebastiao Liparizi Neto, 29 years.

CTO and Founder of Overpower Studios

Game Producer, Game Designer and 3D Modeler at Overpower Studios.

Have studied Mechanical Engineering, Architecture and Computer Science, have a passion for all mechanical forms of art, Fiction and fantasy.

He found in games development a way to bring his passions to life.

Overpower Studios


We are developers of mobile hardcore games. We specialize in bringing deep immersion and quality content, as usually seen on consoles, to handheld devices. Our focus is always to make breathtaking games.

Hardcore games are directed to niches (like racing games, simulators, combat games, etc.), and we must be active players of those niches to know what they’re looking for in the next titles. Contrary to casual games, Hardcore games excel in delivering quality and sometimes complex content. As very few companies specializes in hardcore games, the mobile game market has more than 99% of its titles being casual games, leaving a huge room to be explored by the “hardcore developers” like us!

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