Sascha Wagentrotz

Blazing Badger GmbH

CEO, Co-Founder, Game Designer

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Short CV

Sascha founded his first company with 18, immediately after he had finished school in 2008. His first company built and maintained a photobook platform which featured a browser based editor and a functioning pipeline to one of Europe&;s top photo development companies. The lack of financial success led him to study business administration and international sports management for three years, but it couldn&;t spark a similar passion like playing e-sport video games on a semi professional level. He chose to switch his subject after three years and enrolled on Game Design instead. He joined "keen Games" after graduating in 2013. There he worked under André Beccu as a Game Designer and helped to ship his first commercial game title "Sacred 3". After a year he decided to become an entrepreneur again and approached his colleagues André Beccu and Marc Kamradt with the goal to found Blazing Badger.

Blazing Badger GmbH

Founded by André Beccu, Marc Kamradt and Sascha Wagentrotz in 2014, Blazing Badger is located in Frankfurt, Germany, and rests its company philosophy on three core pillars: Gameplay First: Our core competence is in providing engaging gameplay, as all three founders worked in several gameplay departments before. We aim to build on this strength and deliver games which present our players with meaningful choices as often as possible. Cooperative Play: We are intrigued with the potential of games to foster cooperation between players’ and thus are dedicated to deliver games which you can enjoy with your friends or your partner. People over Processes: We highly value creative freedom, efficiency and a low management overhead. Thus we focus on hiring very experienced people capable of working on one&;s own authority. Our goal is to grow organically and build a small team of industry veterans, in order to deliver premium indie coop games.

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