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Sascha started programming computers on his 9th birthday, finished secondary school and subsequent studies with distinctions and as best of his class, won several awards and prizes and spend about 8 years in science, combining his strong interests in developing games and artificial intelligence. Sascha is a recognized expert in the fields of machine learning theory and algorithms, gained valuable experience in many machine learning-related industrial projects with leading national companies, and worked several years at and pushing the state of the art of deep learning and reinforcement learning. In 2009 he was the first to demonstrate the power of deep reinforcement learning not only in simulation, but on real-world autonomous control tasks. In 2012 he left academia in order to found his first company 5d lab, which in 2014 spawned a project developing the new product "PSIORI". PSIORI will incorporate deep neural networks and batch reinforcement learning.


PSIORI is a leading edge software company that has developed a proprietary technology centered around highly advanced “continuous” learning techniques, in order to analyze, predict and continuously learn from Big Data input. This proprietary software is being used to optimize sales, marketing decisions and investments. PSIORI is applicable to a wide range of industries and business processes, and is already working well with paying customers as a proof of concept.

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