Ronny Burkersroda

Media Seasons

Development Director / Co-founder

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Short CV

Born in East Germany Ronny got access to a computer in a club after the wall had been torn down. At home he wrote his first games on some sheets of paper when he was eleven. Nine years later his first retail release happened in 2000. After starting to work in a team and six further published games Ronny began to implement software for TV using his existing engine and his workmates at Media Seasons. Operations in soccer world cups and the Olympic Games with millions of viewers are the key achievements.

Media Seasons

Media Seasons had originally been founded for game development but diversified fast in the television broadcasting / sport event sector. The small studio is located in the center of Leipzig and arose from the previous cooperation of Steffen Kleinke und Ronny Burkersroda. Steffen, who had an association with Silver Style Berlin before, is managing economics and leading art department, while Ronny is covering technical aspects and overall development of the projects. A network of various freelancers is being used to combine appropriate talents for every single project.

The founders were involved in the development of over two dozens of released games including Gorasul, Cultures 2, BomberFun, Uli Stein - Summer Games, Balko and the Driving Simulator series. Media Seasons´ milestones in the broadcasting / sports sectors include virtual studio graphics for Four Hills Tournament at ORF, soccer freeze frame analysis for FIFA World Cup 2006 at ZDF and ORF, animated soccer analysis at ARD, ORF, Sky Germany & Austria, curling tracking system in 2014 and sailing tracking system in 2016 for the Olympic world feed, main framework for onsite scoreboards at Rio 2016 and other multi-sport events.

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