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Robert Boehm is a founder, executive and strategist for mobile games & multiplayer game services with +16yrs. experience.

He started his career in the telecommunications industry at France Telecom (Orange) where he was building value added services for 3G networks, founded a mobile imaging company and then helped to establish Exit Games Photon as the leading global multiplayer service. 

In 2009, Robert founded Playjoo, a games studio with a focus on online multiplayer games & backends. Playjoo´s team worked for clients such as 22cans, Konami, Rovio, Hasbro and many more.


Playjoo is an outstanding game development studio with a focus on f2p mobile multiplayer games & backends. Our team members have been working at the forefront of multiplayer gaming since 2004 and contributed to the world's first online multiplayer games for mobile phones in 2005. We worked with companies such as Rovio, Konami, Hasbro, Fishlabs, 22cans and countless more. We did trading card games, realtime multiplayer games & free2play browser games.

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