Riad Djemili


Co-Founder Maschinen-Mensch

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Short CV

Riad Djemili (06.07.1979, Germany) is a software developer with German diplom (master) degree in computer sciences from Freie Universität Berlin. During his studies he founded two open source projects: jMemorize and Saros and gained first game development experience working on mobile games at Exozet Games. In 2007 he started working at YAGER Development, where he worked on Spec Ops: The Line and Dead Island 2. As a senior programmer, he worked on gameplay, animation and AI programming. Additionally he worked as scrum master and was responsible for agile methodologies. In 2014 he co-founded Maschinen-Mensch, a small Berlin indie development studio working on their debut title The Curious Expedition.


Maschinen-Mensch is a small Berlin indie game developer founded in 2014 by two former AAA game developers. Their debut title "The Curious Expedition" is a strategy genre mix aiming for a release on browser, desktop and mobile platforms in 2015. The project has received funding from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and is currently nominated for an award at the "Deutscher Computerspielepreis" 2015.

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