Philomena Schwab

Stray Fawn Studio

Game Designer

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Short CV

Philomena Schwab is a game designer from Zurich, Switzerland. Taking on different roles from programming to graphics to marketing she works with various indie teams. Recently she co-founded the game studio Stray Fawn Studio, which is currently developing the desktop games Niche - a genetics survival game and Nimbatus. Philomena recently wrote a master thesis about “Community building for indie game developers” and founded the indie collective Playful Oasis. As a chair member of the Swiss Game Developers association she helps her local game industry grow.

Stray Fawn Studio

Stray Fawn Studio is a freshly founded indie game studio in Zurich, Switzerland. The current focus of Stray Fawn is the development of their two desktop games Niche - a genetics survival game and Nimbatus. Both projects focus on procedural world generation and creative freedom of the player in the form of creating their own animals species (Niche) and designing their own drones (Nimbatus).

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