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Philip Trettner

Upvoid UG

CEO, Developer, Computer Scientist

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Short CV

Philip has a bachelor of science in computer science and electrical engineering and is currently writing his master thesis about fluid simulation.
In 2014, he founded a small indie game development studio, Upvoid, together with five fellow students.
Upvoid is developing a sandbox physics game that uses an in-house engine for smooth voxel terrain.

Philip&;s work is characterized by a scientific passion and a deep desire for self-improvement. Apart from computer graphics and game development, he is also keen on virtual reality (Oculus Rift early adopter) and artificial intelligence.

Upvoid UG

Upvoid is a small and independent game studio founded in 2014 by six computer science master students of the RWTH Aachen, Germany.

We are developing a 3D game engine with focus on smooth voxel terrain and procedural worlds.

A showcase game is currently in alpha state.

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