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Peter Jakobsen

PR Nordic

Managing director & PR specialist

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Peter Jakobsen – PR specialist & managing director PR Nordic. Peter has built and handled PR activities for a large amount of video game publishers. Representing 2K Games, Rockstar Games, Disney Interactive, THQ, Square Enix etc. He has 18 years of PR experience from the gaming industry with an impressive list of successful PR campaigns, award-winning campaigns and events. Plus more than 1 000 game releases, from AAA boxed games, to DLC, free-to-play, browser and mobile games. From international publishers to new upcoming indie games developers. In all aspects, a PR industry veteran.

PR Nordic

PR Nordic is a public relation consultancy that is dedicated to digital entertainment, specialized in game and movie consumer strategies. Based in Copenhagen, PR Nordic delivers business-to-business and business-to-consumer solutions across all Nordic countries. Having handled more than 1.000 game releases. From AAA boxed games, to DLC, free-to-play, browser and mobile games. High experience of building up and handling PR activities for indie developers as well as leading worldwide publishers. First in the Nordics countries to enjoy success and execute free-to-play, indie game and mobile campaigns. We’ve executed more than 300 successful events and press trips, including industry expos, developer interviews, game demos and presentations. 

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