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Pete is one of the co-founders and CEO of Keen Flare; Flaregames’ Frankfurt based development studio. He is also one of the co-founders and COO of keen games in Frankfurt, where he has developed console games for publishers like Disney, Ubi, Konami and Atari.

Pete has spent the last fifteen years of his career in the gaming industry. In addition to his management roles he is still heavily involved in the development process. Having focused on console games in the past, in recent years his focus has been on bringing the console gaming experience to mobile gaming. Pete is one of the creative heads behind Royal Revolt.

Pete is also a founding member and on the executive board of the gamerea rheinmain e.V., the gaming association for the Rhein-Main region.

Keen Flare

About Keen Flare:

Keen Flare was founded as a joint-venture between Keen Games and Flaregames. In 2014 Flaregames acquired 100% of Keen Flare. Keen Flare developed Royal Revolt! and Royal Revolt 2. In 2012 Royal Revolt! won the German Developer price for "Best Mobile Game".

About keen games:
keen games is one of the leading independent video game developers in Germany. The Frankfurt based company is run by veterans of game development having successfully developed games for over 20 years. With keen games proprietary Multi-Platform Engine & Tools the company has developed games for nearly all past and all current generation consoles and platforms. 

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