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Patryk Grzeszczuk

11 bit studios

head of marketing

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Patryk is head of marketing at 11 bit studios, focusing on game marketing and digital communication. He is a devoted gamer for the last twenty five years and a brand/marketing specialist for the last twelve years. He believes that games are a new language and as such should be used to tell stories that matter. As a part of the 11 bit studios team, he has been responsible for developing strategies for This War of Mine, Beat Cop, and Frostpunk among other titles.

11 bit studios

11 bit studios is a Warsaw-based game publisher & developer whose work is driven by philosophy summed up in a sentence MAKE YOUR MARK. That creation of thought-provoking games worth not only playing but also discussing or even arguing about. Games that stay with you long after you finish your playthrough. No matter the genre or platform.

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