Patrick Rau

kunst-stoff GmbH

Managing and Creative Director

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Short CV

Patrick is the managing director and the creative head of kunst-stoff and the owner of the company. His work is characterized by visionary thinking, accuracy, high aesthetic demand and social entrepreneurial values.

Patrick visualizes his role in the game industry primarily as a designer, game-designer, author and producer.
Patrick is active in a broad range of areas, creating projects for commercial, cultural, educational, social and artistic contexts; he is also interested in the educational capacity of research projects and has held extensive talks and workshops as a guest lecturer.

  • born 1976

  • studied Communication Design (FH), holds an M.A. (2001)

  • spent 1,5 years working in San Francisco (tree-axis, 2001-2002)

  • background as designer, media artist and game designer

  • founder of kunst-stoff  (2005, GmbH since 2008)

  • 15+ years of professional experience in the interactive media/game industry

  • Patrick speaks english fluently

kunst-stoff GmbH

kunst-stoff GmbH is an award-winning game developer with the mission to create interactive games for international audiences and markets with a high conceptual and artistic value. Our strength is the development of original games, with a unique gameplay, which have won important awards and continue to do so. We have worked with some of the key players in the international game industry, such as Nintendo on “Galaxy Racers”, a game that was internationally published in 2010 by Ubisoft. The game won the German Developer Award as “Best Children’s’ Game 2010”, amongst others. In summer and autumn 2011, we self-published an action puzzle game “The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic” for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch as well as for PC and Mac. The game received excellent reviews and won many awards: position 5 of „Best iPhone games 2011“on, iPad and Mac App Store “Game of the week“, etc. In 2012 we released “The Great Jitters: Haunted Hunt” (won the German Developer Award 2012 as Best Social Game).

kunst-stoff is currently producing two new games and is negotiating additional projects.



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