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Patrice Désilets

Panache Digital Games

Co-founder & Creative Director

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Creator of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Now working on Ancestors; The Humankind Odyssey, the first game developed by his own studio, Panache Digital Games.

Panache Digital Games

We make games because that's the medium we chose, or more appropriately, it's the medium that chose us to express ourselves. We're a bunch of industry veterans that got together to tell stories that we feel are original and cool, and think people would like to play.  We make AAA quality third-person action-adventure games, with a narrative twist. We're not a "me-too" company. We don't do trendy game models or content.  We promise to deliver the very best quality experiences that our fans will enjoy.  We value stepping out of the boundaries, doing things with Panache. We value beauty, originality and fun. We value growth, in our ideas, in our minute-to-minute execution, in our teams. We value our fans and what they say, what they feel.  We value dialogue throughout all productions.

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