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Oliver created his first commercially successful game at the age of 14. Back then, commercially successful meant doubling the monthly allowance. Success was easier that way. Nowadays he is co-creator and development lead of the Holocafé, a Virtual Reality Arcade that focuses on custom built, local multiplayer VR games. The Holocafé is hoping to make social Virtual Reality Entertainment accessible for everyone and its experiences allow groups of friends to go on VR adventures together in the same physical – and virtual – space. He is also the owner of the independent game development studio Hammer Labs which developes games for PC, Consoles and VR and helps building the local german indie developer community by hosting the Indie Arena Booth at gamescom.


The Holocafé is a virtual reality arcade in Düsseldorf. It focuses on custom designed, local multiplayer VR experiences. This unique approach to Virtual Reality aims to make VR accessible to a wide audience while also providing an experience that's unique compared to home-VR.

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