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Niklas Fegraeus

Digital Illusions CE

Design Director

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Made stop motion films out of Legos and paper as a kid, while doing lots of drawing and painting. Graduated from Art School in 2000 and got a job in the games industry as a 3D artist. Pursued a career in eSports as leader of a sponsored CS1.6 team that competed internationally. Got a job as an animator at DICE in 2004, but quickly got a designer role in 2005. Led my first project as a Lead Designer in 2010 (Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam) Now working as Design Director on the Star Wars Battlefront franchise

Digital Illusions CE

Digital Illusions was formed from the demo scene in 1992 and made its first gaming mark with now iconic title Pinball Dreams. Passionate about physics programming, DICE moved on to make famous racing games like Motorhead and Rallisport Challenge. The studio later purchased Stockholm based Refraction Games and the first title to come out of these joint forces was “Battlefield 1942”. Electronic Arts acquired DICE in 2006, and the studio is now Sweden’s biggest developer, responsible for the Battlefield, Mirror’s Edge and Star Wars Battlefront franchises.

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