Nico Nowarra

Experimental Game GmbH

Chief of Production

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Short CV

Nico Nowarra has been working for fifteen years as a freelance journalist and author. He has written numerous scripts for audio and computer games and regularly publishes articles in the magazine “c’t” from Heise publishing. He also co-authored the “Diary of an Egomaniac” and participated in its conversion to audio book. He currently works as a lecturer in the subjects of storytelling, level and world design and as project manager at a number of universities in Berlin and Brandenburg. Nico Nowarra has extensive experience both in the conception of stories and the design of gameplay sequences.

Experimental Game GmbH

Experimental Game GmbH was established in 2010 in Potsdam, Germany. We are focused on the development and market launch of a new kind of process management tool for producing interactive series concepts, called “Gamebook Technology”. This product makes it possible for the first time for publishers, television broadcasters and TV studios to create a practical and economically feasible content link between books, TV programs and games. Gamebook Technology allows us to transfer analog serial content such as a book or magazine series or even television series formats quickly and cost-effectively into the digital world. Experimental Game unites employees from the fields of producing, programming, game design, storytelling and art design in a high-efficiency team.

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