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Michael Schade


CEO & Co-Founder

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Just recently, Michael Schade and his long-term business partner Christian Lohr have kicked off the new indie studio ROCKFISH Games in Hamburg to develop high-quality 3D video games and self-publish those through digital channels. Prior to that, Michael has been spearheading 3D mobile gaming for over nine years as CEO & Co-Founder of FISHLABS Entertainment, makers of the critically acclaimed sci-fi gaming series Galaxy on Fire™ and the extremely successful mobile brand games series Volkswagen Challenge. Michael has been deeply involved with computer graphics, 3D animation and software development for 20 years and has a profound knowledge of the mobile gaming business in particular. He is also member of the advisory board of GDC Europe, Osney Media’s Mobile Games Forum, Game-Connection and judge at the International Mobile Games Awards.


ROCKFISH Games is a brand new independent gaming studio based in Hamburg, Germany and specialized in high-quality 3D video games for digital distribution platforms. It was founded by mobile games veterans Michael Schade and Christian Lohr, who have been joint entrepreneurs in the space of 3D graphics for over 20 years. As founders and managers of Fishlabs Entertainment, they had spearheaded 3D mobile gaming for almost a decade before they took on a new adventure with ROCKFISH Games. The first title under development is a next-gen console game and will be announced later this year.

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