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Martin Sahlin

Coldwood Interactive

Creative Director

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Short CV

Martin Sahlin (38) is a creative thinker, and a firm believer in games as art. Since 2005, Sahlin has worked at Coldwood, a small independent game studio in northern Sweden. He is most proud of his work on Unravel - a game about love and the bonds between people. He created the concept on a camping trip, crafting the pitch material and the initial design out of yarn and things he could find in the forest. Sahlin has a son who wants to be a game developer when he grows up, and a daughter who wants to be a writer or an archaeologist or an architect or a scientist, or possibly all of the above. Before Sahlin turned to game development, he used to work as a tattoo artist. In his spare time he runs a lot, far and fast, exploring the countryside on foot. 

Coldwood Interactive


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