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Markus Herkersdorf is co-founder and managing partner with TriCAT. Markus holds a master degree in aerospace engineering and served as an officer and helicopter pilot in the German Armed Forces. He has more than 20 years experience in technology based learning and training and is a recognized expert in the field of collaborative virtual 3D worlds. Markus is member in the Serious Games working group of the GAME association.


TriCAT is a leading provider of innovative virtual 3D worlds for learning, training, meeting, coaching and collaboration. The company based in Ulm, Southern Germany, was founded in 2002. Originally focused on aviation training and simulation, TriCAT since more than 10 years is researching on and developing virtual worlds, comprising cloud-based virtual 3D classroom/academy solutions as well as complex virtual simulation training environments. Last year, the longest railway tunnel of the world became operational. The powerful and multiply awarded virtual training world to prepare all the personnel for a safe train and tunnel operation was created by TriCAT. Customers of TriCAT are Airbus, Audi, BMW, German Armed Forces, Police, RWE, Swiss Railway Company (SBB), UniCredit, universities, ...

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