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Mark has over 15 years´ experience in data mining, working with companies including Heineken, Office Depot and Unibet. Before co-founding deltaDNA in 2010, Mark led data mining consultancy Marketing Databasics, to build and host analytical environments that increase customer value through data-driven insight. In 2009, Marketing Databasics (MDB) was designated a "Leader" organisation in the Forrester review of marketing services providers. Fascinated by the potential of big data, has made it his personal mission to evangelize how analytics can change the games industry by delivering player insight and personalizing game experiences. Working with some of the industry´s most successful companies, the deltaDNA platform has developed to dramatically improve player engagement, retention and monetization across all platforms and genres of online games. The platform allows publishers & developers to use segmentation and data mining techniques to deliver player insight, and to shape player experiences through real-time in-game messaging, AB testing and other targeted interventions.


deltaDNA is a game analytics and marketing platform that helps users improve player experience and monetization in their games. The platform uses the latest deep data technology to measure game and player data, predict player behavior and optimize individual player experiences. Engagement, retention and monetization rates can be dramatically increased. Not all players are the same. As the landscape of gaming has changed, being responsive has become essential, especially in free-to-play, social casino and real-money gambling games.

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