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Marie Amigues is the CEO of Altagram GmbH, a multilingual video game localization specialist based in Berlin. She will be giving the speech, "How to Optimize Localization" in the Bischkek room on the ground floor of Cafe Moskau.on Tuesday, April 23 at 3:00 pm. 

Marie founded her first company in the video game localization industry 10 years ago. Together with her team and partners, she has successfully localized over 2,000 video game titles for prestigious clients such as Microsoft Game Studios, Warner Bros, Ubisoft, EA and Square Enix, receiving critical acclaim for many of the localized versions.

A real love for the industry and an entrepreneurial spirit are the key to making every day something that brings joy to Marie’s life and, more importantly, to the lives of millions of players the world over.


Altagram – Multilingual Game Localization Specialist

Altagram GmbH is a multilingual localization company that ensures top-quality linguistic adaptations of video games titles in over 30 languages.

Based in Berlin, we offer a one-stop solution to help your game go global.

Through our flexibility, our passion and our quality-oriented thinking, satisfied clients and happy gamers are what we strive for.

What we are looking for:

Publishers and developers wanting to outsource their localization (translation, voice over recording, QA) needs.

What we offer:

Altagram offers a complete range of tailored localization services, including:

  • Translation: In-game text, manuals, scripts, subtitles, EULAS, etc.
  • Audio: Multilingual voice over, preproduction, postproduction, sound design, music and SFX, in-house and in-country studios
  • QA: In-house localization testing with a dedicated QA management team and experienced testers
  • DTP: Layout, text-flow, font management, banners
  • Creative content: Demos, featurettes, trailers, advertising material
  • Multilingual related services: Subtitling, creative writing, S.E.O., marketing texts, etc.

We provide a personalized and effective solution for your localization needs, guaranteeing you the highest quality at the most competitive prices.

Our expert team has contributed to the localization of thousands of games, from AAA titles to top-ranked casual games and MMO hits, for some of the major actors in the industry.

We put our expertise to use at every step of the localization process to guarantee fun and excitement to your clients all over the world.

We look forward meeting you at QuoVadis 2015 or in our studios located near the event.

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