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Lena Falkenhagen

Founder and Narrative Vision

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Lena Falkenhagen was born in Celle, Germany, in 1973. In real life, she did her masters in English and German literature in Hannover and has been working as a freelance novelist, editor, translator and tabletop RPG designer for over 20 years. From her four historical fiction novels, "Die Lichtermagd" has been awarded with the "Delia 2010". She has been writing fantasy as well, and, for Markus Heitz’ Justifiers novel series, Science Fiction. And even though her journey started in fantasy, Lena constantly oscillates between different worlds, formats and genres and feels at home in each of them. Even in her home of choice, Berlin.

From 2012 to 2016, Lena has been designing the world and stories of Drakensang Online, the Bigpoint narrative flagship, which won the Deutscher Entwicklerpreis for Best Browser Game 2015, designing the major events in DSOs recent past and last year´s Rise of Balor extension.

Being a novelist of fantasy and historical fiction books, she co-founded the German Fantasy Writer´s association called PAN (Phantastik-Autoren-Netzwerk) as well as the roof organization Netzwerk Autorenrechte, which is to promote German author´s rights.

She founded the narrative network to deliver high-quality narrative on all three levels: art, audio and text. To achieve this, she teamed up with audio pro Andy Gibson (UK) and world building genius Jason Durall (US/GE). is a network of freelancers that was founded in late 2016. Andy Gibson (audio, UK), Jason Durall (system and content design) and Lena Falkenhagen (founder and narrative vision) team up to provide gaming companies with one vision on all narrative levels told through all narrative mediums.

1narrative supports companies with world building and high level dramaturgy, all the way to hands-on quest planning and execution through audio, art and text.

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