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Kristina Rothe


Game Development Evangelist

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For more than 20 years, video gaming, team organization and computer science have played a major part in Kristina Rothe’s life. Consequently, the former Square Enix and Travian employee who now works as Game Development Evangelist at Microsoft Germany, has a distinct background in games as well as project & team management and IT.

Kristina started her career in the games industry as a freelance writer for the popular German online magazine Gameswelt. Eager to become more deeply involved in the actual game development process, she then moved on to join Square Enix Ldt. as Project Coordinator and Travian Games GmbH as Senior Project Lead on the multi-award-winning browser game Remanum. In addition, she also played a key role in building up the Munich, Germany-based company’s mobile development team.

Having been an avid believer in quality, variety and rich cross-platform experiences for many years, she ultimately left Travian in late 2012 in order to take over the position of Game Development Evangelist at Microsoft Germany. In that capacity, she now aids ambitious hobbyists and aspiring development teams alike in bringing new and innovative gaming experiences to Microsoft’s various gaming platforms, such as Windows Phone 8 and Windows Azure.



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