Kristian Hedeholm


Puzzle Designer

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Short CV

After working at four different game companies in the danish game industry, Kristian decided to join the Tryhart team to work on their first game “Baby the Knife” At Tryhart we want to focus on making Intelligent games for intelligent people. Intelligent games deals with adult themes in a sincere & serious way. Themes like religion, ethics, relationships, social norms, existential issues.

Besides being the designer of all the puzzle in Baby the Knife, Kristian is also the lead programmer of the game. When Kristian is not designing games, he likes to play games with his friends, listen to electronic music and watch stand-up comedy.


Tryhart is a danish game development studio. Our ambition is to create intelligent games for adult gamers.

The gamers have grown up, but the games have not. It is about time they do too.

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