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Kim Kulling

SLM-Solutions Group AG ( Lübeck )

Software Engineer

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Short CV

Short CV:

  • 2001 - 2007:   Intes GmbH, Stuttgart- SW-Developer for FE-Modeller
  • 2007 - 2016:   Drägerwerk, Luebeck - SW-Engineer for modern UI
  • 2017 - now :   SLM-Solutions, Luebeck -  Group

Kim Kulling works since 2003 as a professional software developer and tools developer for games as a hobbyist. Has a strong technical background in modern user interfaces for embbeded devices, FE-simulations, 3D-realtime-rendering for games and data-processing in various ways.

One of three creators of the Asset-Importer-Lib in 2006, which can be used to import most of the common model formats like Collada, Blender, obj and many others.

At the moment main maintainer of the Asset-Importer-Lib. Father of 2 children rest of the day.


SLM-Solutions Group AG ( Lübeck )

SLM Solutions, one of the pioneers in the sector of Rapid Manufacturing Systems, headquartered in Lübeck, Northern Germany, serves customers in the fields of Vacuum Casting and Metal Casting and has a multi-decade history and track record of innovation, taking into account its predecessor companies. During the last years, SLM Solutions focused on the selective laser melting technology.

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