Kai Rosenkranz


COO / Director of Product Visions

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Short CV

Kai has co-founded Nevigo in 2009. The company produces development tools and middleware for videogames and related industries. Following the company’s mission – “better tools for better games” – Nevigo’s technology is designed to increase productivity and catalyze story-driven, cinematic game projects.

Kai is very interested in story-driven and transmedia projects. He speaks frequently on industry events. Before Nevigo, he worked as tools developer, audio director, music composer, and sound designer for Piranha Bytes ("Gothic" series and "Risen").


Nevigo is a software company located in Bochum, Germany. Following the motto “Better tools for better games”, Nevigo is creating software solutions for the design and development of videogames and serious games. The clear focus is improving productivity, development speed as well as quality of the game content created, with the help of a very visual, integrated and usable tool set.

articy:draft 2 is a collaborative environment for the creation and organization of game content like quests, interactive dialogues, characters, items and level layouts – from first design to export right into your game.

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