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Airborn Studios

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Pretty much since ever, Julian has been giving wanted and unwanted advice - some of which occasionally turns out to be helpful. He&;s well-versed (or pretends to be) about agile and classic approaches to project management and organizational psychology/development. Julian has also worked in PR, marketing, and journalism previously. He&;s also been into the indie scene way before it was cool and is involved in the Independent Games Festival, A Maze Berlin, the Indie Arena, and the Indie Arena Booth in one way or another.

Airborn Studios

Airborn Studios is a Berlin-based company focused on the development and production of 2D and 3D art. Its founders have been working in the entertainment industry for over 15 years now and tap into a network of international artists. Airborn has contributed to projects such as Blizzard&;s "Overwatch", Microsoft&;s "Halo" franchise as well as smaller productions and indie games. The team is responsible for the visual design of "Ori and Blind Forest" for which it has received a BAFTA award, a Game Award, a DICE Award, and a Game Developers Choice Award among others. Airborn also consults other companies who want to build or streamline their internal graphics pipeline.


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