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CAREER HISTORY • A founding father of the UK games industry, specialising in creative direction, games design, business development, licensing, public speaking & education. • One of the top games designers and consultants in Europe. Designed over 90 games in the last 30 years, generating well over $150,000,000 in revenue, including 10 games. • 30 years public speaking & promotional work across all media have established Jon as one of the best known public figures of UK gaming Worldwide. • 30 years of business ownership, IP licensing & contract negotiation representing developers, publishers & financial backers as well as own companies. A very well connected, top class IP licensor, negotiator & business builder. • Through association with BAFTA, UKIE, NESTA & international universities one of the industry’s most highly regarded mentors, small business strategists, curriculum advisors & games educators. SENSIBLE SOFTWARE: March `86 - May `99 • Co-Founder • Creative Director and Lead or Co-Lead Designer for all games including 7 UK Number One games between 1988 & 1998 enjoying over 60 weeks at No. 1 in UK All Formats Chart. • Sensible’s best known game franchises include Sensible Soccer, Cannon Fodder, Mega lo Mania, SEUCK, Microprose Soccer, Parallax & Wizball TOWER STUDIOS: June `04 – Present Day • Co-Founder/Owner, Business Manager, Creative Director • Publisher of games for mobile/digital formats including iOS, Android, Mac, DS, PC, VR, Console. • Lead Game Designer of all games & applications Products: Sensible Soccer, Cannon Fodder, British Lions Rugby 7s, Speedball 2 Evolution, Word Explorer, Sociable Soccer. Games Industry Awards: Develop Awards – Nominated for Best Mobile Studio 2005 • Under Jon’s ownership Tower Studios has developed & published 3 mobile, digital and smartphone titles from 2004-2015

Tower Studios Ltd

Tower Studios has been a Games Developer and Publisher on multiple digital formats since it's formation in 2004 by Jon Hare and two partners. Jon is now sole owner. It has had 4 international games since 2004. Sensible Soccer, Cannon Fodder, Speedball 2 Evolution and Word Explorer,

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