Jochen Peketz

Blue Byte GmbH

UX Supervisor/ Manager Gameslab

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Short CV

After being a brewer apprentice and journeyman Jochen joined the gaming industry in 1999. Experience so far --Piranha Bytes-- (Gothic 1 &2) Lead Level Designer skripting the AI --Bristein Verlags GmbH-- Editor for several Console Game Magazins --EA) Phenomic-- Complete Spellforce Series Level Design Battleforge: Development Manager for the prototype --10tacle Mobile-- Lead level Designer for an unfinished and never announced strategy title --Blue Byte(2008)-- Lead Level Designer: Settlers VII --Blue Byte (2010)-- Games Lab Manager building up testing structure and department (titles so far: Social settlers (Facebook), The Settlers of Tandria (IPad), Anno 2070 (PC), Anno Deep Sea (PC), Rabbids Travel in Time (WII),My Fitness Coach Club (WII, PS3),Your Shape – Fitness Evolved (WII – U), The Settlers Online (Browser), Anno Online (Browser), Silent Hunter Online (Browser), Might and Magic Heroes Online (Browser) ,Football City Stars, The Crew, Assassin&;s Creed. Black Flag, Several unannounced projects

Blue Byte GmbH

Ubisoft Blue Byte (formerly Blue Byte Software) is a video game developer and publisher based in Düsseldorf, Germany, founded in 1988. The company has produced popular titles like Battle Isle and The Settlers. In 2001, the company was purchased by Ubisoft. Since then the company moved to the fast developing online/free to play market with titles like: The Settlers Online, Anno Online, Might and Magic Heroes Online and Panzergeneral Online.

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