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David is the co-founder and designer of Berlin indie studio inbetweengames. Previously he worked at YAGER since the beginning of Spec Ops: The Line and on various other cancelled projects, culminating in Dead Island 2. David has worked as QA Tester, Technical Artist, Technical Designer and Game Designer. He now serves as the inbetweengames team designer and jack-of-all-trades.



inbetweengames is an indie development team in Berlin founded by 3 former YAGER veterans.

In early summer 2015, we were 4 developers still employed at YAGER in Berlin, where we were working on Dead Island 2. Then we got the news that Dead Island 2 would be handed to another developer. It did not take us long to realize that most of us would wind up being made redundant from YAGER as a result. So we decided to jam for Ludum Dare 33 to cope with the situation somehow and made The Mammoth: A Cave Painting.

After years working in the AAA mines and seeing our work cancelled on the altar of money we figured it was time for us to try something different. So we decided to take a leap of faith and form our own indie team to make the kind of games we would not get the chance to make otherwise. Now we are working on All Walls Must Fall - A Tech-Noir Tactics Game and the game will soon be releasing as a closed alpha. After that we intend to take the game into continued open development.

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