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James is a games industry veteran of nearly 20 years and with that brings significant experience in running and guiding game development studios and producing games. James was in near the start of a company that eventually grew to be Kuju Entertainment, a company with around 350 staff. James produced a high number of high quality games in his career including Firewarrior, Geometry Wars Galaxies, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic and Burn Zombie Burn. He has been in increasingly senior management positions to be eventually in charge of the development and growth of full games studios. Most recently he founded a ground breaking studio, doublesix games, a new division of Kuju, which was solely focused on digitally distributed games on multiple platforms using innovative marketing and sales techniques, before leading a management buy-out of part of doublesix to form Born Ready Games which successfully launched Strike Suit Zero. Born Ready Games is now focusing on next-gen and moving into an exciting new space that has the potential to be huge!

Born Ready Games

Born Ready Games was formed in 2012 with the goal of focusing on niche audiences but on a global basis via digital channels. The company has a core team of 16 and is based in Guildford in the UK. Born Ready Games successfully launched Strike Suit Zero in 2013 on PC, Mac and Linux and is now launching Strike Suit Zero: Directors cut on Xbox One and Playstation 4 and PC in Q1 2014. Born Ready Games is now focusing on moving into an exciting new space that has the potential to be huge!

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