Henrik Jonsson

Ghost Games (An EA Studio)

Senior Developer

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Short CV

Henrik Jonsson is a Senior Developer at EA Ghost, the Gothenburg Studio responsible for Need for Speed Rivals and the recent Reboot title "Need for Speed" on PS4, XB1 and PC. 

With 2 decades of Game Development Experience, including work on Anachronox at Ion Storm in Dallas, as a Senior Developer and Ambassador at Net Entertainment, and TV Game Show BingoLotto, Henrik has worked in the igaming business for a number of years, and is now working at Ghost Games, an EA studio, in Gothenburg, developing the next generation Racing Experiences.

Please contact Henrik for any questions, big or small.

Ghost Games (An EA Studio)

Ghost Games is an EA game studio on the Swedish west coast. Ghost Games in Gothenburg is delivering the ultimate racing game experiences, developing the Blockbuster Need for Speed series for the XB1, PS4 and PC.


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