Hasan Karimi

Iran Computer and Video Game Foundation


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Short CV

Hasan currently is the President of Iran Computer and Video Game Foundation ( IRCG ) and responsible to make regulations for video game industry in IRAN.

the foundation main objective is to plan for and support the cultural, artistic, technical and business activities in the Iranian game industry.

Before joining IRCG, Hasan was game developer and writer for video game industry from 2008.




Iran Computer and Video Game Foundation

Founded in 2007 as a semi governmental organization, the foundation goals are

  • Explanation, empowerment and promotion of cultural and educational basics through this industry’s special impressions towards children and teenagers.
  • Full support of existing capacity of the industry in the country with the approach of localization of the products and empowerment of domestic production.
  • Support and monitoring of the expansion in production, supply, import, export, preparation and distribution of various types of computer & video games.
  • Providing the industry with the technical knowledge and its dependent equipment and facilities in all fields of activity and in different frameworks of hardware and software.

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