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Gregor Eigner is CEO and founder of Mipumi Games. In the last 8 years the company grew to 25+ employees. Mipumi latest projects have been Anno: Build an Empire for iOS and Android for Ubisoft Blue Byte, a technology partnership with Io-Interactive supporting the new HITMAN for PC, PS4 and X1 as well as Mipumis first original IP Gregor studied law and economics and has 15 years of project management experience. He previously worked for Rockstar Games in Vienna and Ubisoft Mainz, former Related Designs on well-known titles such as Max Payne 2 and Anno 1404. Gregor teaches law and production for game developers in Austria and publicly speaks from time to time, e.g. Quo Vadis, BGF.

Mipumi Games

Mipumi Games is a Vienna-based independent game development company run by veteran developers with 10+ years industry experience at Rockstar and Ubisoft. The small specialist team collaborates with established AAA productions including the Hitman franchise and Anno. Now Mipumi is working on its first independent title: The Lions Song, an episodic adventure game set in early 20th Austria. To find out more about Mipumi go to

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