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Greg Richardson is the founder and CEO of Rumble Entertainment, a premium free-to-play game company dedicated to create irresistible and beautiful cross-platform multiplayer game experiences for connected gamers. A 20-year video game industry veteran, Greg was vice president and general manager of EA Partners, senior vice president at Eidos in charge of product development, and an investor with Elevation Partners, where he led the investment in Bioware and Pandemic, and served as chief executive of Bioware/Pandemic through its sale to Electronic Arts.

Rumble Entertainment

Rumble Entertainment is dedicated to building quality games and shared experiences that embrace the digital world. Rumble creates games with a focus on art, quality and the needs and desires of a discerning audience. The team is comprised of talented creators that believe in a customer-led approach to delivering great games that people will play for years.

Rumble is led by an accomplished group of industry veterans with deep social games and publishing expertise spanning the gaming world, from critically-acclaimed MMOs and console games to hit social and mobile titles. The team includes developers, executives and product leaders previously with Zynga, Activision, BioWare, Blizzard, Playdom, Electronic Arts, Turbine, LucasArts, and RockYou.

Rumble’s goal is to combine the experience and artistry of creating big budget, high quality games with the needs and desires of today’s digital games audience.  While other developers in the free to play space focus only on the metrics and the drive to increase revenue as quickly as possible, we want to create great, lasting experiences first and foremost. Most f2p developers sacrifice long-term sustainability in the race to make a quick buck


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