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Gareth Williams


Senior Account Director

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Career Summary Premier PR, Senior Acocunt Director - September 2010 - current My duties at Premier are to manage a diverse client base and ten members of staff, looking after clients that include Square Enix, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, King, Nexon, Crytek, BAFTA, and various international publishers, developers and consumer electronics manufacturers on either a project-by-project basis, or as a retained agency. My duties also involve helping the team to achieve campaign goals, but also grow their knowledge base, expertise and skills to enable each team member to progress in their careers. I’ve launched new IPs to market, including Bioshock Infinite, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, The Batman Arkham franchise, the official Formula One videogame, Borderlands 2 and many, many more. I’ve also worked with licensed properties and talent, including LEGO, Marvel, DC, Gianluca Vialli, Snoop Dogg, The Sex Pistols and Leonard Nemoy. Working in a larger agency gave me an insight into how other industries work and attain coverage, allowing me to learn and secure key coverage outside of traditional games mainstream mediums. In the three years I’ve worked at Premier, I’m pleased to say that my teams have been nominated for the MCV Industry Excellence Awards for three consecutive years for Best PR Team multiple times for Warner Bros, 2K games and Namco Bandai.


Respected in the entertainment, arts and culture industries and by the international press, Premier´s public relations department boasts an established reputation for excellence and for delivering professional services to its clients. Our teams of international publicists have many years of experience preparing and implementing a wide variety of strategically-targeted worldwide publicity campaigns. We work in all media across film, home entertainment, television, games, theatre, music and dance, publishing, personal representation and corporate PR.

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