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Frederik Maucksch

xymatic GmbH


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Short CV

Computer enthusiast since his childhood, started programming on C64, Atari ST and early Macintosh computers. Developed an interest in 3D graphics programming, further specializing on OpenGL. Studied "Computational Visualistics" at the Otto-von-Guericke University / Magdeburg. Did research on medical imaging and MRI segmentation. Started to work on native 3D-Engine technology and novel interaction patterns, such as smartphone/touch-tabletop interaction around 2008. Founded xymatic GmbH in 2011, developing an award-winning AR game (reflow), novel 3D Web-Engine technology (DELIGHT), custom advanced machine learning solutions and realizing multiple large-scale projects with big brands. Recently ventured into the emerging WebVR space with Delight VR -- a technology enabling VR content delivery to about a million of people each day.

xymatic GmbH

xymatic is the company behind Delight VR and the DELIGHT 3D Engine. Since its founding in 2011 xymatic constantly tried to push the boundaries of the digital space. Be it for their own products or solving problems for their clients. Be it new mediums, novel means of interaction, 3D real-time graphics or even advanced machine learning solutions. In everything that xymatic does it strives for the highest possible mark. For xymatic that mark is reached when excellence in design and custom tailored high end technology complement each other so well that the boundaries between possible and impossible blur. When it just feels magical.

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