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Flurin Jenal is the founder of Struckd AG, one of Switzerlands fastest growing gaming startups. After starting with game development 16 years ago Flurin studied Game Design at the Zürich University of the Arts 5 years long. Still being passionate about game creation he then jumped into the professional execution and had his biggest learnings once he had to make a living out of his passion. With an entrepreneural DNA he commited to create a solid business model without any side jobs necessary. After an incubation phase and freelancing in the small but therefore even more competitive Swiss gaming environment his co-founder and he came up with a simple but promising idea: If gaming is such a huge trend, why not making it even easier and more accessible for beginners to create their own games? The gaming platform and editor "Struckd" was born and is successfully on the market since 2016.

Struckd AG

Struckd is the gaming platform with all games created by you: The community! We deliver a stylish game building tool to simply drag and drop game elements to set up levels, rules and stories to unleash your own game ideas directly on your smartphone or tablet. On the other side we invite you to the gaming section to play, rate, and comment other people’s games. Several sharing features and challenges engage the vivid gamer community to enjoy the big variety of games. Are you a builder or a player? Since its release on July 2016 on iOS and Android tablets and phones, Struckd is the most intuitive game creation tool on the market. The vision of the 2016 founded Struckd AG is to enable a universe of game creation and we are determined to grow every day. Download the app or meet the team:

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