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Florian Uhde

Volkswagen AG / Three Eyed Games

Software Developer Unity3D | VR | AR

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Short CV

Florian began his endeavor of software development in 2009 as integrated student at Volkswagen. Being quickly drawn into the orbit of Acagamics, the sickly-sweet fruits of Unity3D were discovered. In 2016, after long years of honing his game development skills, it is time to return to Volkswagen! Joining the newly founded Virtual Engineering lab the current vocation is the exploration of AR/VR, disrupting classical engineering processes with the Microsoft HoloLens, HTC Vive and other incredible devices.

Volkswagen AG / Three Eyed Games

Volkswagen AG: We build cars. Three Eyed Games: Indie game studio based in Wolfsburg / Braunschweig, but with a highly distributed team from the US, Poland and Germany. Currently working on our first title SWARMED.

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