Florian Smolka

Mimimi Productions

Vfx/3D Artist

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Short CV

I'm Flo, Vfx/3D Artist at Mimimi Productions. While studying Game Design I took the opportunity to work on "daWindci". This is where I met most of the people I work with nowadays. The path from there on out was pretty straight forward. Got my Bachelors degree and started working full time at Mimimi where I've been involved in creating fantastic games since summer 2012. My scope of duties is rather diverse and includes all sorts of stuff between art and tech. But my true specialty lies in visual effects. Fire, smoke, magic, exploding laser sharks, you name it.

Mimimi Productions

Mimimi Productions is a game development studio based in Munich, Germany. In the last years we gathered ample experience developing award-winning games, employing highly optimized workflows and making a name for ourselves in the games industry. Mimimi Productions is a registered developer for all relevant platforms and is working with the Unity 3D-engine since 2010.

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