Fabian Schrodt

University of Tübingen, Cognitive Modeling

Research Associate

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Short CV

Fabian Schrodt received his B.Sc. in cognitive computer science at the University of Bielefeld and his M.Sc. in computer science and economics at the University of Tübingen, Germany. In Tübingen, he is currently a research associate and PhD candidate at the chair of Cognitive Modeling, where he was research assistant over a period of two years before. His personal interest in computers and programming dates back to his eighth year of life, soon followed by a deep curiosity in coding theory, neural networks and, more generally, human cognition. Now a junior researcher in cognitive science and computational modeling, he considers himself very contended with being part of an interdisciplinary group that deals with these topics. Since two years, Fabian is carrying out the teaching and supervision of the MarioAI project at the chair. Originally introduced as student project, MarioAI received substantial public attention and media coverage since then and won the People´s Choice Award of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence in 2015. Somewhat related to this work, Fabian´s research addresses the question how humans are able to understand each other, how they perceive and infer others´ actions and the possibly underlying intentions. In this way, he is involved with questions about mental development, social learning, and the possible roles of mirror neurons.

University of Tübingen, Cognitive Modeling

The chair of Cognitive Modeling at the University of Tübingen addresses the question: How does the mind work? A focus lies on the developmental aspects of the mind and the highly interactive modularity found in the brain. We conduct studies in behavioral psychology and build computational models of cognitive processes.

Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen is a public research university located in the city of Tübingen, Germany. It is one of Germany´s most famous and oldest universities, noted in medicine, natural sciences, and the humanities. Tübingen is one of five classical "university towns" in Germany. The University of Tübingen is associated with several Nobel laureates, especially in the fields of medicine and chemistry. In 2012 the University of Tübingen was awarded for its future concept "Research – Relevance – Responsibility" in the course of the German Universities Excellence Initiative. [en.wikipedia]

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