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Fabian Quosdorf

Wonderlamp Industries GmbH

Project Manager & UI/UX Developer

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Short CV

Born an raised in Berlin - the "silicon valley" of Europe. While graduating in computer science and international media, he worked as a games tester for the German Age Rating Board. Playtesting more than 1400 Games gave him an in depth look into gamedesign and especially UI/UX design. Fabian has more than 10 years of experience in the games and software industry. After graduating he worked in the test-department and online-department of the USK for two years. Fabian joined the young start-up Wonderlamp Industries in 2013 and is developing user interface designs, concepts and prototypes for the movie making software DJINNI. As a Product Manager he is creating and planning new product ideas and showcases them to the team, customers and partners - on site and on international fairs.

Wonderlamp Industries GmbH

Wonderlamp Industries is situated in the "Hollywood of Germany" - Studio Babelsberg. We are a start-up developing a unique technology called DJINNI, designed to disrupt the animation industry and especially the animated TV series production. Imagine a technology that virtualizes all the players of a classic real-life studio production, such as directors, camera, light, sound, props and actors. Imagine a team based and collaborative production process - in front of a computer in an open-plan office, or spread out, where each team-member contributes his skills interactively. Where real output, ready for broadcasting, is generated in real time. This is the new production method with DJINNI. It will radically cut the minute price for productions and make formats possible, that were previously too time-consuming or expensive to create – such as animated daily comedy for example.

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